convert your apple music playlists to the resso app

How To Convert Apple Music Playlists To The Resso App

Apple Music and Resso are two unique and amazing music streaming platforms. They both offer a wide variety of music. You can listen to it online. And you can download it. And listen to it offline as well. You can make your personalized playlist in both as well. And you can add your favorite songs into these playlists now, If you were an Apple Music user. And you want to change your music streaming platform to Resso. Then you may be worried about your music playlist. It is because you have had a nice collection of music in them. And you obviously don’t want to lose it. 

But you will be glad to know. That if you are going from Apple Music to the Resso app. Then you can convert Apple Music playlists to the Resso app. Don’t you know how to convert your Apple Music playlists into the Resso app?. You need not to worry. In this simple article, I will be giving you all of the details about how you can convert your Apple Music Playlists into the Resso app. Then what are you waiting for?. Let’s begin the show!

What is Apple Music?

Apple Music is an amazing music streaming platform. You can download and Apple Music on any of your iOS devices. It has a wide variety of music. You can listen to any of your favorite songs with ease. You can also download music from it. You can make personalized playlists for yourself. And you can add the music of your choice into them. So if you are an iOS user. You can go for Apple Music. It has many premium features and a wide variety of music. And you will love it.

What is Resso:

Resso is also an excellent music streaming platform. You can listen to more than 70 million songs in Resso. You can also download them on your phone. And you can hear it anywhere you want to. You can download Resso on both android and iOS devices. And can use it with ease. Resso is very easy to use. It has a simple interface. You can also make personalized playlists in Resso. So if you are a music lover. You can use Resso. And it will never disappoint you.

How to Convert Apple Music Playlists to the Resso App:

apple music playlists to the resso app

If you are changing your music platform. Then it is obvious that you will not like to lose your music. So you will have to convert your playlists from Apple Music to the Resso app. But there is no direct option to do it. So you will have to use a third party app for this purpose. There are many tools available for this. But two of them are the best among them. These two include;

  1. Tune My Music 
  2. Free Your Music

The interface of both the FreeYourMusic and Tune My Music are the same. They are very simple to use. And the process through which you are gonna convert your Apple Music playlist to Resso is also the same. You will have to follow these steps to do it;

Select An App:

You cannot convert your Apple Music playlist directly into the Resso. So you will be in need of using a third party app for that purpose. You can go for either Free Your Music or Tune My Music. You can use them free of cost. But they are having some limitations in their free plan. So you can pay for their premium plan. If you want to use them with their full potential.

Grant the App Permission:

When you install the app of your choice. Then it will ask for some permissions. Allow all of the permissions the app is asking for. You will have to allow the app to access both your Resso and Apple Music accounts. Grant the permission. And the app will access your account. And it will find out your personal playlist. Now you can transfer it from Apple Music to the Resso app.

Select the Playlist:

Once you grant the permissions to the app. Then it will access your playlists. Now you can select the playlists that you want to convert. Select any of the playlists you want to convert from your Apple Music to the Resso app. You can select either one or all of them at once. And can start the transfer.

Initiate the Transfer:

Once you select your playlists. Then you can initiate the transferring process. Start the transferring process. And your selected app will transfer the playlists you choose to your Ress account.

Missing Tracks Alerts:

When you transfer your playlists from Apple Music to Resso. Then maybe some of the songs are not available in the Resso. If they are not available. Then the transferring app will give you a missing alert. But it can happen very rarely. It is because both Apple Music and Resso have a large collection of songs. And you will find nearly all of Apple Music’s songs in Resso as well.

Important Points To Remember:

resso apk playlists
  1. You should remember that you can use Free My Music or Tune My Music for free. But their free plan has some limitations. If these limitations are disturbing the transferring process. Then you can pay for their premium plan. Their premium plans are quite affordable. And you never feel disappointed if you pay for it. Upgrade them to their premium version. And they will do the task for you.
  2. If you want to use any of the apps. You must make sure that the app is safe. It is not modded. And it cares about the data security of its clients. Don’t go for an app that can violate your data. Make sure you and your data are safe and secure.

Ensure a Complete Transfer When You Convert Your Apple Music Playlists to The Resso App:

Whenever you are transferring your Apple Music playlists to the Resso Mod APK. Then make sure a complete transfer of your playlists. You can make it sure by following these simple steps;

Make a Back Of Your Playlists:

When you are going to convert your playlists from Apple Music to the Resso app. Then make sure that you have made a backup of all of your playlists. You can backup your playlists through Apple Music settings. Explore the settings. Find the backup option. And back up your whole library. So that not a single of your favorite songs will be lost.

Sync Your Playlist and Confirm:

When the transferring process completes. Then you should recheck that all of your songs and playlists are transferred to the Resso app. Sync all of your songs in Resso. And make sure that each track is in its place. Play them. And make sure that none of them is corrupted or having any problem. Once they are all fine. Then you are good to go for the Resso app now. Uninstall Apple Music. And Use Resso. You will love its innovative features.


Both Apple Music and the Resso app are great for listening to music. You can listen to your favorite songs on them. You can download these songs. And you can make personalized playlists in both as well. If you are planning to leave Apple Music. And move on to the Resso. Then you can convert your playlists from your Apple Music to your Resso account. To do it, you can use a third party app like FYM or TMM for that purpose. Use any one of them. And convert your playlists from Apple Music to Your Resso account with ease. Listen to the music. And Resso will never disappoint you. Best of luck with your listening journey.


You can use the Resso app for free. But you will have to tolerate the unwanted ads then.

Apple Music has a wide collection of more than 75  million songs.

Resso is more affordable than Apple Music. You can purchase its premium version at just $0.72 for a whole month.

Yes you can. But Apple Music is not that much optimized on the android platform.

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