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Using a laptop or PC for a long time attracts you to listening to songs and music. Resso is the best software for listening to songs and music on a PC. However, Resso for PC is not directly available to install, making us feel bad when we cannot use the best music software on our Windows PC. 

Don’t worry. Here is the complete guide to installing Resso for PC. This guide will help you learn how to use Resso for Windows, especially the Mod version we are providing. This mod version will allow you to use the premium features on Resso PC’s Latest Version free of cost. 

What is Resso for pc?

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Resso for PC is a music streaming application popular among Android and iOS users. But now, it is also expected to be used on Windows to enjoy Music in the background. There is no official version of Resso for PC, but we have some methods for downloading and using it on Windows laptops or PCs. You can especially use our Moed Resso for PC Version, which has all the premium features unlocked. You just need to install and use it.

Resso for PC is not direct software, but we can install it on any emulator on our PC and enjoy most of its features for free.

Why should we use Resso PC?

Resso provides most of the features paid for in Android and iOS, but here, we are going to help you install the Mod Version of Resso Desktop. This Windows version will allow you to enjoy all the features free of cost without paying us a single penny. This Resso Online PC version contains unlimited skips, Offline Music, No Region Limits, and no limit to the application’s usage.

Key Features in Resso PC:

The Mod version of Resso Music for PC has all the features unlocked, so here are some examples to ensure you will install the best music streaming software on your PC. 

 Ads Free Music

When the ads start paying while we listen to the songs, it irritates us and disturbs our listening time. People pay money to avoid ads while playing the songs in the Resso PC version. Here, you have the best mod that will not have ads during the songs or in the whole app. So, using this Mod PC Version, you can enjoy the best songs you love without paying a single penny.

Unlimted Skips

The free version allows you to skip a few songs at a time. Listeners like me have a habit of ignoring most of the songs in search of the best ones that can make our mood happy after listening to them and having limited skips makes us unable to find the best songs that can make us happy. Don’t worry; we have this feature of unlimited skips in the Mod version of Resso for PC. 

 High Quality Sound

The free version has standard sound quality that can interpret your listening, but it can make you feel lazy because of the lack of sound quality in the free version. Don’t worry; on this Mod PC version, we have the highest sound quality available in the Resso Music application. So you can enjoy the high-quality sound after downloading this Resso app for your PC and installing it on your Windows system. 

What is the difference Between Resso APK and Resso PC?

Here is the difference between Resso APK and Resso PC

FeatureResso APKResso PC
PlatformAndroidWindows PC
Installation MethodAPK file or Google Play StoreDownloadable software from the  website
User InterfaceOptimized for touch screensOptimized for keyboard and mouse
AccessibilityMobile devices onlyDesktop and laptop computers
PerformanceDepends on mobile device specsDepends on PC hardware specs
Storage RequirementsTypically smaller due to mobile constraintsTypically larger due to more extensive features
FeaturesBasic music streaming, lyrics displayAdvanced music streaming, lyrics display, and additional features like equalizer settings
UpdatesVia Google Play Store or manual APK updatesVia Resso’s website or automatic updates
UsabilityPortable and on-the-go usageBetter suited for prolonged usage and multitasking
Social FeaturesLimited to mobile app capabilitiesEnhanced with more robust social features
CustomizationLimited due to the mobile interfaceMore options for customization due to a larger screen and additional settings
Battery UsageConsumes mobile batteryNo impact on mobile battery

How do I download and Install Resso For PC/Windows?

installation guide to resso for pc version

Installing Resso on mobile is much easier on the Android device. Still, it is much more complex on the PC because we must follow some steps to install it using a third software named emulator,” A virtual Android Device for PC.”


  • You can install any emulator on the PC, Like Bluestocks or any other you want to install. The installation process for the emulator is easy, like the other Sofwtare installation on the PC.
  • Once you have installed the emulator, open it. Here, you will find the browser in the virtual Android device. Open it and search for the “” website. Open it. 
  • Once you have visited the official website, download the Mod APK file.
  • Once the APK file has been downloaded, Open it. You will be asked to install it on the device. Install it, and you will complete the installation process. 
  • Now open it and enjoy all the features of Resso for PC for free. 

How do I use Resso Music for PC?

Using Resso on your PC is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Open BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Find the Resso app in BlueStacks and click on it.
  3. Sign in to your Resso account or make a new one.
  4. Enjoy your music on your PC.


In this article, we have learned that Resso for PC is not an official version of Windows, but there is a method to use it on the PC, which is using an emulator. We have discussed the steps involved in installing the emulator, downloading Resso PC, installing it, and using Resso for PC. Follow all the steps to successfully install the Resso PC version on your Windows system for free. 


Yes, you need BlueStacks or another emulator.

 Yes, BlueStacks is free.

 No, you need a Google account to get Resso.

It depends on your PC, but it should be okay.

 No, you need an emulator like BlueStacks.

Yes, sign in with the same account.

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