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Resso Vs Apple Music: A Complete Guide In 2024

When it comes to music streaming platforms, then we have two giants in there. One is Resso, and the other one is Apple Music. Both Resso vs Apple Music are prominent players in the music field. Due to this, many users get confused about whether to go for Resso or Apple Music. Are you confused as well? Don’t you know what the differences are between Apple Music and Resso? You need not to worry. In this article, I will give you all the details about Resso and Apple Music. I will also be giving you all of the information about the difference between Resso and Apple Music. Then what are you waiting for? Let’s begin the show!.

What is Resso:

Resso is a music streaming platform. You can listen to a wide variety of music in Resso. You can also download your favorite music on your phone. And can hear it anywhere you want to. You can access Resso through both android and iOS devices. And it is very easy to use. If you are a music lover, use it. And you will love it.

What is Apple Music:

Apple Music is also a music streaming platform. You can use Apple Music on your iOS devices. It has a large variety of music. You can listen to it with ease. You can also download music from it on your iOS devices. Apple music is also an amazing platform. And if you are an iOS user. You can look towards it due to its premium features and wide variety of music.

Differences between Resso Vs Apple Music:

resso vs apple music

Resso and Apple Music differ in many aspects. Some of them are listed below;

Offers, Plans & Pricing:

The first difference that you can note in Resso and Apple Music is their plan and pricing. Resso offers very affordable prices. You can purchase its premium version at just $0.72 for a whole month. You can buy its family plan for your family at only $2.19 per month. And it is way cheaper than Apple Music. On the other hand, Apple Music plans are a bit expensive. You can buy its individual plan at $5.99 for a month. And you can buy its family plan for $16.99 per month. And it’s way more expensive than Resso. Suppose you want to enjoy music at an affordable price. Then you can look towards the Resso app. And it will not display you.

User Interface:

Both Resso and Apple Music have amazing user interfaces. And you will love the features they offer. The user interface of Resso is vibrant and socially driven. In Resso, you can easily interact with your friends. You can add them there and like what they share. You can comment on it and share music with them so that you both can enjoy the content together. The interface of Resso is simple and attractive. It is visually appealing. It is perfect for you if you like to engage with music and friends together. 

On the other hand, the interface of Music Apple is not that much socially driven. It is very focused. The interface of Apple Music is sleek and organized. The layout is clean and consistent. It is very simple and easy to use. Suppose you will use it once. You will definitely like to use it again.

Music Library:

Both Resso and Apple Music have a wide variety of music there. If you are interested in Resso. Then, you can listen to any song in a vast collection of 70 million songs. Resso has a big library of 70 million songs. Most of them are mainstream tracks. And if you prefer Apple Music. Then you can hear any song in a big collection of 75 million songs. Apple Music has a bigger library. And it has a wide variety of genres in there. You can find pop, rock, classical, or indie in Apple Music. You can listen to them, and you will love it.

Audio & Sound Quality:

Audio quality is very important when you are listening to music. Resso offers an awesome audio quality. It offers High-Quality audio options. The sound is clear and mesmerizing. So you can hear a clear sound there. And you are gonna enjoy it more. On the other hand, Apple Music offers a wide variety of audio quality options. You can hear the songs at Dolby Atmos or CD-quality audio there. And you are gonna love it. Dolby atmos and CD-quality audio is far more premium than HD quality. And if you are a music lover. Then you are gonna love the quality of sound Apple Music is offering.

Compatibility with Different Devices and Platforms:

If you are a music lover. And you want to choose a platform for yourself. Then you will obviously look towards the device compatibility option as well. So it is a very crucial factor in choosing a music streaming platform. Resso is compatible with all devices. You can easily download it from the Apple App Store. You can also download it from google play store. And can use it flawlessly on your android device, iOS device or web browsers. 

On the other hand, you can use Apple Music on Apple devices only. It has an android app. But it is not that much optimized. So it is not that much seamless and enjoyable. This makes Resso a more versatile option for all users on different types of platforms and devices.

New Music Discovery:

Trends come and go in music. And discovering new music is a very crucial feature of a music streaming platform. Resso provides a “Vibes” option. This option recommends your music as per your mode. In Resso, you can share music with your friends. And they can share music with you. So you can find new music in that way as well. You can also discover the social feed option of the Resso APK. It has a variety of music based on what your friends and family are listening to. It means that you can find new music in Resso in more engaging and fun ways. 

You can find new music options in Apple Music as well. But it doesn’t offer that many options. Suppose you want to discover new and innovative music in Apple Music. Then you can run towards its “For You” section. In “For You”, you will find new music as per your history and past preferences. The for you section updates daily. So you can easily find new and interesting music there. And can enjoy it as per your mode.

Free Trials for a Limited Period:

Both Resso and Apple Music offer free trials for a limited time period. In that time period, you can enjoy the premium features of both these platforms. And if you like them. Then you can move to their subscriptions. Resso offers a 14-day trial. In these 14 days, you can use all of its premium features for free. You can explore it. And see if it fulfills your requirements. At the same time, Apple Music offers a free trial of 6 months. You can use its premium features as well. You can discover Apple Music’s exclusive content. And then can decide whether you are gonna subscribe to it or not.

Accessibility and Offline Listening:

Offline listening opportunities are also very important in musical platforms. Both Resso and Apple allow you to listen to the music offline. You can download songs or albums from them. And can listen to them offline if you have no internet. Or if you want to save your data. So you can enjoy music on both platforms, anytime and anywhere. Just open your Resso app or Apple Music. And let the party start.

Exclusive Content:

You can listen to exclusive content at both Resso and Apple Music. But Apple Music has the upper hand here. Its library is updated every day. So you can find exclusive content on Apple Music with ease. You can find exclusive shows, spatial music radio shows, and artist interviews on Apple Music daily. And it’s way more interesting. You can listen to exclusive content on Resso as well. But it is not on the level of Apple Music. It may get a bit late. But you will for sure listen to it on Resso. You can trust me.


Resso and Apple Music both have their highs and lows. Resso has a lively and social-oriented design. It is suitable for individuals in search of an engaging and affordable music streaming service. Apple Music also has a massive archive of tunes. It offers awesome quality sound options. And a professional audiophile would definitely appreciate it. Apple Music and Resso are two awesome and outstanding platforms. Suppose you are interested in social elements and better costs. Then Resso is the right choice for you. And if you value features like audio quality and availability of the exclusive content. Then Apple Music is the best option you can go with. You should try both. You should use their free trials. And then, choose the best platform that fits your style and choice of music. Best of luck.


You can use Apple Music free trial for 6 months. Then you will have to subscribe to it.

Resso has a big collection of 70 million songs.

Resso is more affordable than Apple Music. You can purchase its premium version at just $0.72 for a whole month.

Yes, you can. But it is not that optimized.

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